Magical Bond: Mother and Child

(lightroom:1.13), soft light, (natural skin texture:1.2), (hyperrealism:1.2), see more beautiful floral background, magical hearts and whimsical lines, fractal nebula threads, cosmic entities, celestial, cosmic, vibrant and vivid, swirls, twirling, unrealistic, high contrast, symobolism, magical, mystical, mystifying, hyperrealistic, oversaturate, colorfull, sharp focus, focused, 8K resolution, Artstation HQ, Vivid, Vibrant, Ultra detailed,high definition, masterpiece, perfect lighting, blooming, cinematic lighting, perfect skin, 1 mother and 1 child, mother holds the child in her arms, (breastfeeding: 1.8), mother gave birth to a child, first acquaintance, tenderness, affection, love, gentle look, kindness, admiration

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