Nightfall: Shadows & Celestial Secrets

A vintage-style movie poster for "Chasing Shadows," featuring a night sky filled with stars as the backdrop. In the foreground, there's a serene moonlit lake, reflecting the starry night. On the lake's edge, there's an old cabin, warmly illuminated from within. The focal point of the poster is a celestial phenomenon—a bright, fiery comet, meteor, or fireball streaking across the sky, capturing the moment of impact. Around the cabin and near the lake's edge, there are shadowy figures, partially obscured and ambiguous, leaving viewers uncertain about their nature—human or otherworldly. The poster has a dark and moody color palette with a vintage sepia tone or desaturated colors. It should have a textured, worn appearance to evoke nostalgia. The title, "Chasing Shadows," is displayed in a classic, vintage-style font reminiscent of 80s horror movies. A mysterious tagline, "They Came from the Stars. Secrets from the Shadows," is placed below the title, adding to the intrigue.

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