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An AI Image Generator is a software powered by artificial intelligence that creates images using machine learning, deep learning, and user-defined parameters. It’s used for a variety of applications, from design to art, and can produce images based on its learned patterns. This technology simplifies content creation and enhances visual content in fields like design, gaming, video production and digital art.

Each subsequent creation of AI images introduces new conditions for the resulting output, which is why all images differ from each other. The resulting image based on the original input can be adjusted for accuracy (CFG scale — adjusts how much the image looks closer to the prompt and/or input image.), aiming to be either as faithful as possible to the original or deliberately divergent.

As fascinating and cutting-edge as this emerging technology is, it remains in its infancy, and global regulations are yet to be fully established. Furthermore, these legal provisions can vary from one country to another. Consequently, the onus falls upon users to verify the legality of AI-generated images. Seeking professional counsel before reproducing, sharing, showcasing, or utilizing such content is advisable. We’ll keep you updated on any changes.

Certainly! AI-generated images can take center stage in your creative work. You have the freedom to integrate these images into your designs, elevating the overall visual appeal and originality of your projects. AI-generated images can be a valuable resource to spark inspiration and infuse a distinctive flair into your artistic creations. Nonetheless, always prioritize respecting the rights and privacy of others when working with and adapting these images.

Absolutely, you’re welcome to edit and customize the AI-generated images as you wish. Feel free to adjust, fine-tune, combine, and explore these assets to meet your particular requirements. However, please keep in mind that this creative freedom should be exercised in light of the copyright considerations and guidelines mentioned earlier, especially when using these images professionally. Always ensure that you uphold the rights and privacy of others when modifying and utilizing these images.

AI image generation relies on advanced technology to create captivating conceptual photos by repurposing existing internet content. Copyright laws concerning this practice are still evolving globally, and our AI Products’ Terms and Conditions strictly forbid the use of AI-generated images that infringe upon third-party intellectual property rights. These regulations safeguard individuals’ identities, creative ownership, and property from misuse. If your AI-generated images do not violate these rights, you can freely use them for personal and professional purposes.

Yes, you can sell AI-generated art. Many artists use AI as a valuable tool to enhance their creative process, generate new ideas, and produce innovative artworks. However, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind when selling AI-generated art:
  1. Check Rights: Verify your rights to use AI models or software.
  2. Add Originality: Make the artwork uniquely yours to avoid copyright concerns.
  3. Be Transparent: Share insights into the AI creation process.
  4. Respect Copyright: Adhere to copyright laws and intellectual property rights.
  5. Maintain Quality: Ensure consistent, high-quality art.
  6. Market Wisely: Research your audience and pricing strategies.
In conclusion, selling AI-generated art is a rewarding opportunity, provided you follow legal and ethical guidelines, maintain quality, and understand your market.

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