A Celestial Family's Moonlit Love

“Visualize a celestial family living in a magical realm, lit by the ever-present glow of a majestic moon. Picture a human mother, ethereal and radiant, standing beside her enchanted rabbit husband, both adorned in cosmic garments. They are the proud parents of their unique half-breed children, who combine human heads with biological rabbit ears and have bodies that are a harmonious blend of both parents. Set this magical family against the backdrop of an illuminating moon, surrounded by fantastical elements like floating lanterns, twinkling stars, and mystical flora. Capture the joy and love on the faces of each family member as they celebrate a special festival of their own. For visual cues: Human Mother: Elegant and radiant Rabbit Father: Standing upright, human-size clad in cosmic attire, holding a lantern imbued with moonlight. Children: A blend of their parents, featuring human-faces with biological rabbit-ears and rabbit-nose.

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